Shenika McIntosh

Introducing……… (fun)ctional Group

We are so happy to offer our (fun)ctional group sessions. These sessions will give our clients ages 2- 6 years old the opportunity to nurture and develop skills they can utilize within their community. These groups are designed by an Occupational therapists and incorporates child- led play, art and crafts, and sensory integration therapy.

COVID-19 update

Dear clients, We’ve missed you dearly and we’re praying for your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This message is to inform you on how we are addressing COVID-19 in the context of keeping you and your child safe while continuing to provide quality and necessary therapy services. To accomplish this, we have changed the way …

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Parental guide to Occupational therapy intervention

In our conversations during assessments, Parents are always hesitant to admit that they did notice something ” a little off” with their child but, they weren’t certain what it was. Many parents, especially first time parents, don’t know what developmental milestones are and what to look for in a typical developing child. Whether a child …

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10 cool school supplies for fine motor skill development

Crayon Rocks- These rock shaped crayons are perfect for helping kids to develop a proper tripod grip, also beneficial for writing. It only allows the tripod grip to be used, reinforcing corrected writing habits.  Easi-Grip Scissors – These uniquely formed, self opening scissors are used to help with gaining a grip, strengthening weak hands or …

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